Sustaining a Hard-Charging Culture – Preserving the Stamina and Drive in Your Employees and How that Affects Your Marketing and Business Development Efforts

People like doing business with people they like and are pleasant to be around; so, it is in your best interest to create an innovative culture that focuses on your employees’ minds, bodies and souls. Marketing and business development executives should be pushing their leadership teams to focus on employee wellness and creating an environment that fosters empowerment. In this session, we will discuss areas like:

  • Understanding your current company culture
  • Becoming an agent of change in your organization
  • Examining the future workspace and how you can drive culture through a physical space
  • Learning how wellness programs can affect your talent recruitment and retention efforts
  • Understanding why it is important that your clients know that your company cares about their people
  • Identifying methods of communicating to both internal and external clients that you value your employees


  • Robert Amberg | Chief Marketing Officer | Jabian Consulting
  • Mark Devaney | Principal | Langan