From Imitation to Innovation: 5 Ways to Work Within the Box to Create Online Brand Experiences That Break the Mold

Full screen images. Longer, scrolling homepages. Highlighted content cards. Mobile-first hamburger navigation menus. Five years ago, these design approaches felt fresh, and the firms implementing them were ahead of the curve. But today, this has become the new “standard” for everyone, regardless of industry. And although these sites do look good, they all look the same. Differentiation has been lost. The ubiquitousness of these website UI approaches has even led audiences to expect certain conventions. With attention spans shrinking, providing users with the content they seek as quickly and efficiently as possible has become the top priority, but doing so requires working within certain frameworks. So how can firms find ways to create memorable website user experiences while also retaining the familiar and expected? In this session, we’ll take a high-level look at five tactics professional services firms can implement to improve user engagement and help their websites stand out in a sea of sameness.

  • John Albert, Jr., Chief Business Development Officer, Herrmann Advertising