Data Quality Domino Effect

As Marketing and Business Development professionals, we all spend a great deal of time carefully lining up our plans for effective business development. Like dominos we align our messages and target our audiences to achieve our critical objectives. Each communication… each invitation… each interaction is carefully placed to reach the desired result.

But there is one thing that can topple the most effective marketing strategy: bad data. Without clean, correct and complete data, our messages fall flat, our interactions with Clients and prospects become ineffective and our results are eroded. This is why respected researchers say that poor data quality may be costing an average organizations as much as $13 million per year, and the annual US economic cost exceeds $3 trillion dollars.

This session will not only explore the costs of bad data, but will also help you develop a game-changing strategy to put you on the path to success.

  • Chris Fritsch, President, Client Success Consultant, ClientsFirst Consulting