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Introduction to the Virtual Event Platform

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Chairperson’s Opening Remarks

    • Kevin Iredell | Chief Marketing Officer | Lowenstein Sandler LLP
    • Audrey Merkel | Associate Director, Advisory Marketing| KPMG LLP

Communicating Value of the Marketing Department Across the Firm

In many law firms and professional services organizations, the role marketing plays for the firm often is undervalued by many. This could be due to a variety of reasons including standard billing/compensation strategies, the “goliath” mentality found in these types of organizations or the silo effect that is often seen in law firms and professional services organizations. In this session, we will:

  • Demonstrate how to explain the challenges the marketing department faces
  • Show how a longer sales cycle can hinder the marketing process
  • Explain how to showcase the value and benefits of various marketing systems (including CRM/ERM systems) to everyone in the firm
  • Learn how to garner executive buy-in for marketing programs
  • Showcase B2B marketing trends that prove that marketing should play a larger role
  • Understand how to share customer insights and marketing data across the organization
    • Christina Solomon | Director of Marketing & Business Development | Freeborn & Peters
    • Paula Zirinsky | Global Chief Marketing Officer | K2 Intelligence
    • Joseph Palermo | Chief Operating Officer | Lowenstein Sandler LLP

How to Use Social Media to Generate Qualified Leads and Grow Revenue

Law firms and professional services companies, actually B2B companies as a whole have historically lagged behind B2C companies in both the adoption of social media and using it effectively. And in today’s social media-saturated environment, these organizations can not afford not to jump on the social media bandwagon. In this session we will discuss ways that can help you come out of the social media doldrums, gain more traffic and drive revenue, such as:

  • Developing an angle that is understandable and appealing to a broader audience
  • Humanizing the brand and company on social media and content marketing
  • Using first-person voice when writing updates and articles
  • Utilizing a brand front-person to tweet, post updates and write articles
  • Selecting the right person to manage your social media efforts – a person who can create a social media movement instead of going through the social media functions
  • Backing your social media with content marketing
  • Understanding which social media locations are best for your business
  • Providing social media content to key stakeholders to post
  • Bernadette Decelle | Senior Director of Client Development & Marketing | McCarter & English LLP

Improving Collaboration, Service Delivery and Client Engagement

In today’s competitive world, keeping clients happy is part of EVERYONE’s Job in an organization! Ensuring your whole business is focused on the client can be difficult. Customer expectations are continually rising in terms of the volume and range of their questions, dealing with this puts a strain on existing organizational models – particularly those that are structured by department leading to potential silos and even rivalry between different teams. Clients don’t care about this, they see a business as a single entity and just want their problems solved and questions answered no matter who they are speaking with. All of this means that there needs to be greater collaboration across the organization. In this session we will:

  • Understand how you can break down silos between different departments and make it easy for staff to work together
  • Determine ways you can garner buy-in from all stakeholders in your organization to work together
  • Utilize systems and technologies to prevent client service black holes
  • Develop more efficient and cost-effective service delivery that also creates an engaging client experience
  • Improve performance by sharing customer insights
  • Update knowledge databases and ensure they are accessible to everyone
  • Empower your teams
      • Brian Colucci| Chief Business Development & Marketing Officer | Kilpatrick Townsend & Stockton LLP
      • Kate Stoddard | Chief Marketing Officer | Kelley Drye & Warren LLP
      • Joe Przybyla | Director | Introhive

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Brand-Driven Storytelling – Elevating Your Content

Brand-driven storytelling is no longer a “nice-to-have”; it is a “need-to-have”! It is what will ultimately maximize your company’s visibility, profit and impact and should be treated as the compass for your marketing strategy. In this session, we will discuss how you can elevate your content and why brand-driven story-telling is so important by looking at things like:  

  • Becoming unforgettable
  • Wrapping your message into a story that transports people, simplifies information and provokes and emotional response
  • Using narratives to share your brand’s history, challenges, successes and value propositions
  • Sharing stories as to how you value your internal clients, aka employees
  • Creating a deep emotional connection by starting conversations, asking for no-strings-attached engagement to involve your audience in what you do as a business
  • Making your company’s brand be human – so the profits follow
    • Thomas Choberka | Chief Business Development Officer | Kelley Kronenberg
    • Amy Scissons | CMO, International | Mercer
    • Audrey Merkel | Associate Director, Advisory Marketing | KPMG LLP

Customer Journey Mapping – Improving the Customer Experience in a B2B World

People who have a positive customer experience are likely to buy more, pay a premium price for the service, and recommend it to others. B2B marketing (often seen as B2C’s corporate sibling) is beginning to leverage the value of customer experiences (CX) by delving into the journey their customers take through the sales process and meeting them at each stage with meaningful interactions. Mapping this B2B customer journey is a critical first step in anticipating customer needs. Creating a Journey Map helps marketers understand stakeholders and their value drivers, motivations, and concerns. It also helps uncover how to best reach them at key moments at each stage of the sales process and beyond. In this interactive session, we will examine the various stages of a B2B Customer Journey Map that includes:

  • Stage 1 – The Problem
  • Stage 2 – Awareness
  • Stage 3 – Research
  • Stage 4 – Consideration
  • Stage 5 – Decision
  • Stage 6 – Loyalty & Advocacy
We will also build a B2B Customer Journey Map based on how B2B organizations and clients work together. This live journey map session will focus on key interactions and touchpoints, pain points and objections, key “moments of truth”, stakeholder management, and the role of emotion in the buying process and how these can all be leveraged to create positive customer experiences.
  • Marlana Voerster | Director of Global Marketing | Alira Health

United for Growth: Creating Marketing & Business Development Powerhouse

Professional services firms often associate “sales” and “marketing” as one in the same thing. The reality is that they are two separate functions that must work as a unified front in order to unlock their true potential as a growth engine for the firm. In this joint session co-presented by the CMO and VP of Strategic Partnerships from Global Tax Management, you will learn how a corporate tax services firm has successfully integrated the sales and marketing teams to accelerate growth. Learn best practices (and biggest pitfalls) to ensure that sales and marketing are working together to fast-track growth within the firm and discover the most effective ways to obtain “buy-in” from the partners at your firm. In this session, we will cover:

  • The distinct functions of both marketing and business development and how to justify the need for both roles to the partner group
  • Partner involvement in sales and marketing planning and execution
  • Laying the ground rules for a successful internal partnership, especially when one function comes on board after the other
  • Proven sales and marketing strategies that support firm-wide, regional, and practice line growth - and how the two teams can execute them
  • Leveraging technology platforms to streamline marketing and sales operations
  • Reporting on initiatives: communicating successes and adjusting approaches along the journey
  • Evan Polin | Vice President of Strategic Relationships | Global Tax Management, Inc
  • Mary Yanocha | Chief Marketing Officer | Global Tax Management, Inc.

Chairperson’s Closing Remarks

    • Kevin Iredell | Chief Marketing Officer | Lowenstein Sandler LLP
    • Audrey Merkel | Associate Director, Advisory Marketing | KPMG LLP

Day One Afternoon Sessions End & Virtual Lobby Opens

Virtual Coffee Talk!

Come visit our virtual lobby and connect with fellow attendees. You can chat, video and even make a list of the people you want to meet and knowledge you’re looking to gain through our bespoke 1:1 meeting match-making services.

(Re) Introduction to the Virtual Event Platform

Momentum Events Representative

Chairperson’s Opening Remarks

    • Kevin Iredell | Chief Marketing Officer | Lowenstein Sandler LLP
    • Audrey Merkel | Associate Director, Advisory Marketing| KPMG LLP

Leadership – Earning & Securing a Seat at the Table

Today’s modern Marketing Executives have to be both left-brain and right-brain. Most importantly, you have to navigate tough, business conversations that effectively align marketing activities with revenue and provide value without defaulting to more comfortable talking points like response rates, rankings and website traffic. In this session we will discuss ways that you can earn and keep your seat at the C-Suite leadership table, such as:

  • Articulating your department as a value center instead of a cost center
  • Running marketing based on the numbers
  • Developing close working relationships with your CFO and your CIO
  • Creating a systematic process to drive accountability by department function and individual
    • Susanne Mandel | Chief Business Development & Marketing Officer | Lowndes
    • Kelly Nelson | Managing Director, Marketing & Communications | Deloitte

Sustaining a Hard-Charging Culture – Preserving the Stamina and Drive in Your Employees and How that Affects Your Marketing and Business Development Efforts

People like doing business with people they like and are pleasant to be around; so, it is in your best interest to create an innovative culture that focuses on your employees’ minds, bodies and souls. Marketing and business development executives should be pushing their leadership teams to focus on employee wellness and creating an environment that fosters empowerment. In this session, we will discuss areas like:

  • Understanding your current company culture
  • Becoming an agent of change in your organization
  • Examining the future workspace and how you can drive culture through a physical space
  • Learning how wellness programs can affect your talent recruitment and retention efforts
  • Understanding why it is important that your clients know that your company cares about their people
  • Identifying methods of communicating to both internal and external clients that you value your employees
  • Robert Amberg | Chief Marketing Officer | Jabian Consulting
  • Mark Devaney | Principal | Langan

Identifying Business Indicators that Lead to Legal Work in the time of COVID-19: A Use Case

COVID-19 has led to rapid and drastic changes in the business landscape that have law firms scrambling to figure out which practices are most relevant and aligning resources accordingly. Join your GoPro peers for a virtual overview of how business leaders can track client intelligence to drive business development and marketing efforts during this time. The session will include a scenario-based example of how a leading law firm is taking action. What You Will Leave With:

  • How to stay on top of the latest client and industry developments in a cost-effective manner
  • How to unearth actionable intelligence to proactively retain, deepen, and build new business relationships
  • How leading CMOs are using the necessary tools and insights to respond quickly during COVID-19
    • Jason Sinyor | Director of Sales | Manzama
    • Wendy Feldman | Senior Director of Client Success | Manzama

How to Win More, Now: Scaling Your BD Approach With a Distributed Workforce and Navigating Great Uncertainty

IT has Agile. Accounting has GAAP. High performing sports teams have a playbook too, one they practice over and over. Why shouldn’t we have a playbook for our most-important business process: business development? Getting a team using a common playbook—the same system—helps people improve their technical skills, get results and, even have fun doing it. This is always important, and even more now. After this session, you will be able to:

  • Understand why some programs succeed and others fail using the three keys to effective program design and roll out.
  • Open your professionals minds to the fact that business development skills can be learned.
  • Leverage a model to get buy-in at your firm for this (or any) program including: strategic alignment, ROI calculation, and a persona-driven “what’s in it for me” analysis of your biggest decision makers.
  • Use the Think BIG, Start Small, Scale Up model of change.
  • Be able to identify and launch a small starting group using a Red Velvet Rope strategy, which creates immense demand for your program before and during launch.
  • Brand this or other programs in a way that attracts future participants.
  • Use the four key ROI measures of a program to show proof of value and gain approval to scale your efforts, impacting your entire organization.
As you rise in your career, successfully launching large-scale programs becomes more and more important. And while the premise of this session is launching a business development playbook, you’ll be able to use the skills above to launch any important program. It’s always been important, but it’s even more important now. Don’t waste a crisis—the professionals’ minds you support are open to change. Show them how to improve their brand. And improve yours in the process.  
    • Mo Bunnell | Founder & CEO | Bunnell Idea Group
    • Brian Colucci | Chief Business Development & Marketing Officer | Kilpatrick Townsend & Stockton LLP
    • Mike Duffy | Director of Growth & Client Services | King and Spalding

Agile Marketing – Leveraging Human Insights for Better CX

Digging into the “why” helps CX professionals understand their customers and produce more compelling campaigns. By using quick, remote, customer interviews, marketers can get insights & context into how their approaches will perform in real life. Iterations on their approaches can lead to lifts in awareness, affinity, and overall CX. In this session we will:

  • Adopting an agile marketing strategy is key to using customer insights to impact the experience
  • The power of human insights in providing better customer understanding leading to better CX
  • Agile research, specifically remote, unmoderated research, as the perfect way to collect insights on whether your materials resonate with your customers, align with their expectations, or are compelling to them
  • Alina Gorokhovsky | Chief Marketing Officer | Wiley Rein LLP

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Afternoon Sessions Begin

The Power of Empathy in Your Marketing

The latest buzzword in marketing is empathy. Many companies are successfully utilizing the power of empathy to push their brand to the next level. In this session, we will look at things like:

  • Familiarize yourself with what your audience is feeling and thinking and then communicate that you understand them with the story you tell with your marketing
  • Create a goal
  • Educate your audience
  • Understand the concerns, needs and wants of your customer
  • Use emotions like anger, joy, relationships, nostalgia, warmth, etc. in your marketing campaign
  • Showcase your “purpose” and value you place into things other than making money
    • Vickie Spang | Chief Marketing Officer | Sheppard Mullin
    • Elena Rand | Chief Marketing Officer | Wiggin & Dana

Marketing and Maintaining Brand Awareness During M&A

Professional services firms are no strangers to the M&A landscape; and in coming years we expect more in the way of a merger or acquisition in law firms and professional services organizations. But how do mergers and acquisitions impact a firm’s brand (or multiple brands), marketing and business development. In this session, we will hear a case study as to how a Chief Marketing Officer not only survived an acquisition but is experiencing a flourish of activity. We will look at such things as:

  • Being vigilant to new problems that might damage a firm’s reputation or open rifts between internal teams
  • Creating the right joined team that has cultural alignment
  • Identifying clear messaging to current and potential clients as well as potential talent
  • Determining how to update brand identity materials and marketing content
    • Ed Keller | Chief Marketing Officer | Guidehouse
    • Alyson Fieldman | Chief Marketing Strategy Officer | Marcum LLP
    • Kalev Peekna | Managing Director & Chief Strategist | One North

Scaling Account-Based Marketing (ABM) with Meaningful Personalization

Implementing an account-based marketing (ABM) strategy that will target bigger deals that potentially close at a faster rate without burning the midnight oil or tossing your budget through the roof is not an easy task, particularly if you want to utilize meaningful personalization. In this session, we will:

  • Understand ways to scale your ABM strategy
  • Learn to create a tiered approach to ABM
  • Identify attributes for segmenting and targeting your accounts
  • Explore the use of dynamic content in your ABM email marketing strategy
  • Utilize personalized content
  • Increase website engagement through web personalization
  • Leverage paid advertisements to reach your accounts across social media and internet platforms
    • Graham Ross | Chief Client Officer | Borden Ladner Gervais

Leveraging Data & Analytics to Reach Your Customers

If you are not using data and analytics to inform your relationships with clients and prospects, you are doing yourself a disservice. In this session we will:

  • Understand how analytics can tell you who your best customers are, and how to find more like them
  • Determine the data you need to be able to understand what needs to happen before your customer is ready to buy, so you can help line those things up
  • Identify which products/services you can and should cross-sell or upsell
  • Use data to build optimal timing in your sales funnels
  • Utilize analytics to predict when customers are likely to close their accounts
  • Suzanne Donnels | Chief Marketing Officer | Jenner & Block

Chairperson’s Closing Remarks

    • Kevin Iredell | Chief Marketing Officer | Lowenstein Sandler LLP
    • Audrey Merkel | Associate Director, Advisory Marketing | KPMG LLP

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