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Co-Chairs Opening RemarksBenjamin Greenzweig, Co-CEO, Momentum, Chairman Emeritus, Gro Pro Advisory Board

Doug Johnson, Founder & Managing Director, Catapult Growth Partners, Chairman Emeritus, Gro Pro Advisory Board
Client Experience as the New Differentiator in Professional ServicesIn today’s competitive business landscape, satisfied clients are just not enough. As legal services become more commoditized, learn how to let value be a function of benefits not just cost. Hear during this session how one former healthcare industry executive was able to successfully translate concepts underlying patient experience to designed thinking in the professional services realm that are built around assessing a client’s journey with the firm.

Edwin Bodensiek, Chief Client Experience Officer, Miles & Stockbridge

The Changing Dynamic of the Corporate Buyer: Is Your Firm Best Positioned to Capitalize on the Needs of ClientDuring this session learn what role procurement and the concept of integrated legal services is playing in the professional services realm as companies seek to optimize service delivery models in a way that best supports the needs of their business.

Jennifer McCarron, Legal Technology Product Owner, Spotify

Morning Networking & Refreshment Break
Technology as a Tool to Enhance Your Firm’s Growth & Client Delivery StrategyHear during this session from BD and sales leadership spanning the professional services sector as you are provided with practical tips and advanced guidance on how to best utilize technology to not only complement but kick start your firm’s targeted growth strategy. From AI to automation and beyond, learn how leading firms are successfully utilizing technology as a solve to streamline and operationalize the delivery of client services.

Scott Wallingford, Vice President, Law Firm Practice Software Solutions, LexisNexis

Best in Class Client Account Management for Professional ServicesUtilizing a case study approach that will offer various examples of how firms have been able to successfully create best practices that have led to increased sales and client satisfaction benefit during this session from a review of real-life examples that highlight how firms have been able to execute best in class client account management in the professional services sector. Learn what challenges were encountered along the way, what steps were taken to achieve buy-in from firm leadership as well as measurement metrics for auditing success throughout the process.

Frank Troppe, Consulting Partner, Miller Heiman Group
Stuart Stogner, Senior Director of Client Services, Womble Carlyle

Luncheon Spotlight AddressLeadership in Balance – Unlocking the Keys to Achieving Success Through a Balanced and Results-Driven Approach

Be driven to think outside of the box during this thought-provoking spotlight session as you hear from Lieutenant Colonel (Retired) Mike Lerario, a successful commander in combat and in peacetime, as he shares simple but powerful strategies for finding balance and achieving results by learning how to best navigate the extremes that work and life can often present.

Michael P. Lerario, President & Founder, Crispian Consulting

Networking Luncheon
Track Sessions BeginDuring the following track sessions attendees will have the opportunity to break out into discussions contingent on your particular area of expertise or concern – marketing and communications vs. business development and sales.
Track Session 1
  • Track A: Marketing & Communications
    How to Get More with Less: Practical Tips for Maximizing Your Marketing Budget While Maintaining Your Reach and Quality of Content

    Stefanie M. Marrone, Director of BD and Marketing, Tarter Krinsky & Drogin LLP

    Benefit from an idea share discussion that will focus on providing actionable strategies, measurable metrics and thought-provoking ideas for maximizing your marketing spend without minimizing your marketing presence. Cast away any preconceived notions on how to drive value through marketing as the speakers push you contemplate what true “innovation” can and should like for your firm.

  • Track B: Business Development & Sales
    Brand.Reputation.BD: The Effects of Brand in The Sales Process

    Kalev Peekna, Managing Director, Chief Strategist, One North Interactive
    Ed Keller, Executive Director & Chief Marketing Officer, Navigant

    Panel Moderator:
    Dawn Michalak, Managing Director, Business Development, One North Interactive

Track Session 2
  • Track A: Marketing & Communications
    Case Study: Segmented & Targeted Approaches for Driving Maximum Impact Marketing

    Taking the prior discussion one step further, this session will turn to exploring the various approaches and platforms professional services firms are utilizing to drive impact across various channels. Whether your firm sits within the legal, accounting, architecture or consulting sector, learn how to craft a marketing approach that will resonate with clients both externally and internally. Included as part of the discussion, the speakers will provide an update on current platforms and approaches for targeting clients including LinkedIn Sales Navigator, geotargeting and more.

  • Track B: Business Development & Sales
    The Dawn of a New Era: Exploring the Integration and Partnership of Marketing, BD, Strategy and Operations – Insights for Driving Value Across Disciplines

    Shannon Prown, Director of BD and Marketing, Morgan, Lewis & Bockius LLP

    Law firm business development and operations departments have largely been, until recently, performed in silos at law firms. Many believed that the departments served unrelated purposes with business development focused on building and operations on managing. This perspective shifted as law firms began reengineering their business models in response to competition, market pricing pressures and increasingly sophisticated clients. With this evolution, it has become apparent that integrating and elevating these functions is necessary to capture, retain and maximize opportunity. In addition, these functions are increasingly becoming involved in developing and implementing strategic initiatives. As a result, business developments and operations departments are moving to work with the common goal of creating high performing organizations that are differentiated in the marketplace. During this session, we will explore case studies on business development and operations collaboration and related successes.

Afternoon Networking & Refreshment Break
Track Session 3
  • Track A: Marketing & Communications
    The Reimagination of Marketing: How to Get Your IT Department to Work for You! Connecting the Little Dots of Big Data to Drive Results

    Automation. AI. Big Data. Smart Data. All terms we’ve heard before. Yet, learn during this session how you as a marketing leader can effectively utilize IT and intelligent automation as a tool that will drive smarter marketing outreach. Gain insights into how the marketing function through collaboration with your IT team can be an agent of business process transformation in a manner that will uncover new opportunities for marketing outreach and present pathways for maximizing current marketing channels.

  • Track B: Business Development & Sales
    Case Study: aosphere Rulefinder – A Risk-Reward Analysis of Collaborating with Third Party Providers to Deliver Professional Services

    Clare Godson, Executive Director, aosphere (an affiliate of Allen & Overy)

    Learn during this case study discussion how one law firm has strategically approached collaboration with a regtech provider to offer a comprehensive, operational solution for addressing a client need. Exploring a range of issues that will take you behind the scenes into the thought process for evaluating partner collaborations in the professional services field, benefit from a real-time discussion that will walk you through the risk-reward analysis of working with third party providers and the potential marketing benefits of such a collaborative approach.

Preparing for The Future: What Your Clients Need to Know Now About AI, Algorithms and How Big Data Will Impact Their Business

Your clients can’t ignore it and neither can you. The robots aren’t coming, they’re here. How is your firm preparing to address client needs in the era of Automation and Artificial Intelligence? What is your firm doing now to take advantage of Systems of Intelligence while turning its own data into an asset? Learn about the new world of digital business models, AI and managed innovation then consider the impact on your client’s business and whether your firm is prepared to respond.

Charles Brower, Chief Marketing Officer, Cognizant Business Consulting
Ben Pring, Author “When Machines Do Everything” and Leader, Center for the Future of Work, Cognizant
Lou Ferrara, Chief Content Officer, Bankrate

Life After CXO: Focus on The Future of You

Building upon the discussions from the day, benefit from a discussion that will now prompt you to ponder the future of your own career. What about your own personal and professional development? How are you as a senior executive keeping yourself on track to attain our own professional career goals as you think forward into the future. In the hustle and bustle of the day to day as a senior executive it is easy to forget about one’s own life plan. Take off your professional hat for a moment and put a personal one on as you are provided with insights into how to plan now for career longevity and reinvention 3, 5 and 10 years from now.

Wendy L. Bernero, Partner, Bernero & Press
Roberta Montafia, Chief Visionary Officer, The Legal Mocktail

Closing Commentary

Doug Johnson, Founder & Managing Director, Catapult Growth Partners

Benjamin Greenzweig, Co-CEO, Momentum

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